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Tattoo FAQ

Thank you for your interest in my work! Please read the following FAQ.

When my books are closed, it means I am currently not taking new appointments. When my books are open, which is typically only for a day, I will announce it on instagram and send a newsletter out to my subscribers a day prior. Please do not email me for a tattoo appointment if my books are closed. Periodically, if I have an appointment opening due to cancellations or reschedules, I will announce it on my Instagram stories. Those appointments are first come first serve. All clients must provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination.

My tattoo designs are inspired by vintage ephemera, such as textiles, wallpaper, postcards, plate designs, etc. I use my finds as inspiration to create "flash" which are pre-designed tattoos to choose from.  Flash designs are a starting point, and they can be altered, customized or elaborated on accordingly. If you are interested in a specific flash piece, please specify in your submission. Do not simply write "flash" in your submission without specifying, as each piece varies in complexity and size, and I hope to make each design from a series. Most importantly, include your budget, size and placement.  This helps me allocate the necessary amount of time for your appointment. Some flash designs, if requested multiple times, will be repeated and slightly altered. 

Q: What do you charge?
A: I charge by the hour of tattooing. My hourly rate is $300 per hour with a $300 minimum. I no longer offer flat day rates. I am happy to give you an approximate cost of the tattoo beforehand, feel free to ask. 

Q: If I am requesting custom, when/where can I see my design?
A: I am only able to show you the design at the time of your appointment. Sometimes it is much more effective to design with you present, so I can hold up a sketch to you in the mirror, or draw directly on you to create a general idea and work from there. I may ask you to come in for a consultation before your first appointment.

Q: Do you do coverups?
A: I will not add onto other tattooer's work, but I will consider full cover-ups. Please include a photo of what you'd like to cover and we will schedule a consultation prior to your appointment if deemed necessary.

Q: How many hours does a tattoo usually take?
A: It varies depending on the design. Larger scale projects may take several sessions, while a small tattoo may only take 1-2 hours. Please keep in mind that color takes longer, therefore you'll need a larger budget, and it might require a follow up appointment to do any touch ups. Sleeves and other large-scale projects can take 6-10 sessions, or 1-2 years to complete. 

Q: Do I have to place a deposit down to secure an appointment?
A: Yes. Deposits are necessary to cover my design time, administrative time, and minimum supply costs. A nonrefundable $150 deposit is required for all appointments to be paid through Paypal. I will send you a link to my PayPal to submit your deposit with your confirmation email.

Q: Is payment due at the time of my tattoo?
A: Yes. Payment is due at your tattoo appointment via Zelle, Paypal or cash and your deposit is applied to that total amount.

Q: What if I need to reschedule or cancel?
A: If you need to reschedule, please give me at least 48 hours notice via email so that I have enough time to fill the appointment slot. You will have three months to reschedule your appointment before forfeiting your deposit.  Deposits are forfeited if cancellations are made less than 48 hours prior to the appointment. 

Q: What do you recommend for aftercare?
A:  I will typically apply a Tegaderm/Saniderm/Dermshield bandage to your tattoo, which is a waterproof, lightweight, transparent film that stays on 48-72 hours after your appointment. Tattoos take about 2-3 weeks to heal. During that time you will need to wash and moisturize it regularly. I suggest cleaning your tattoo with Dr. Bronner’s liquid soap and moisturuzing with unscented lotion such as Lubriderm, Eucerine, or Aveeno. I will provide you with full aftercare instructions during your appointment.

Q: Where do you work?

A: My private studio is in Kingston, New York. Kingston is about two hours north of New York City, an easy commute via car, bus or train. Occasionally I offer guest spots in other cities, I will announce travel dates on my instagram account and via my newsletter.

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